Wheatsheaf Technical was launched in 1990 and has been solely designed to meet one key customer need that repeatedly manifests itself, namely the need for a: flexible, professional multi-functional, accessible, responsive machinery support service that is “local” and competitive.

Specialists in Rademaker, Rijkaart and Fritsch amongst others.

Customer driven, Wheatsheaf Technical continues to offer a highly competitive Total Quality Engineering Service to the Bakery Industry with that “personal touch“. Our aim is a ” Lifetime Partnership“.

The full Range of Services we provide can be read in detail in the seperate headings, but in short, we cover:

  • Equipment Servicing | This has many aspects ranging from breakdown, to upgrades to Line optimisations.
  • Spares Parts & Equipment | As the bakery industry involves manufacturer’s having a range of equipment with respect to age and technology levels, spares are a very important factor for both economic reasons as well as continuity of production – the contacts Wheatsheaf Technical has built provides a second to non service in this arena. We can also supply a range of Parts and Equipment
  • Training | A necessary component for any manufacturing operation to ensure skills and knowledge within any organization is at its optimum.
  • Project Engineering/Management | Wheatsheaf Technical has a vast range of experience within both project engineering and project management – covering equipment modification / upgrade for innovations, or re-location of equipment from one site to another with respect to strategic needs of any business – we do this in a seamless manner, minimising any production hindrance hence inconvenience to the end customer.

Read on further to see the extensive range of services we have been providing to our clients for over 32 years